finding all the intervals

Dr. Gilles,
Is it possible to find out all the intervals which solver is searching ?
Note: not just the one with solution but all of them which it is exploring.

Dear Usman,

To know which specific boxes the solver is exploring, you can run the solver in verbose mode by setting the "trace" flag to its maximum value, which is 2. This way, every box (on top of the stack) will be displayed.

Note: another (more complicated but much more flexible) way to trace all boxes handled by the solver is to create your own CellBuffer class and to do all the specific treatments you desire (display, etc.) inside. Unfortunately, the corresponding part of the documentation ( is still missing but I will complete it once I'm back from vacation.

Solver solver(...);

solver.trace = 2;





This will only provide me the contracted boxes. We need to also see the regions/boxes which solver is throwing away.


If you need to see all the region discarded by the solver, then, probably,  you should rather use a paver instead of a solver. How many variables do you have?



In the smallest case study just 4, but in the benchmark around 150.
I was having a look at Quimper which internally uses paver, I could not find a way to install it.
Any help?

Hi Usman,

Quimper does not exist anymore, it is a prototype that has been dropped with IBEX 1.0.

If you have 150 variables, I don't understand your concern. It  is just unrealistic to analyze a paving in 250 dimensions.