release 2.6.5 (issued January 2018). Compatible with CHOCO 4.0.6.

release 2.3.4 (issued March 2017). Compatible with older releases of CHOCO 3 and 4.

The last Ibex release is also available under the "master" branch of a Github project.

Release Notes:

For instructions about installation, see the documentation.

Ibex offers various plugins. To install a plugin, just uncompress the archive in the "plugins" subfolder of Ibex.
However,  each time you reconfigure Ibex with different plugins, clean your installation first (make "./waf uninstall distclean").


Download Name/Description Developed by Status Maintained? Documentation Licence Copyright
(distributed with ibex) IbexSolve (System solving) G. Chabert, A. Goldsztejn stable yes documentation LGPL IMT Atlantique
(distributed with ibex) IbexOpt (Global optimization and System solving) G. Chabert, B. Neveu, J. Ninin, G. Trombettoni stable yes documentation LGPL (TBD)
(archive for ibex 2.6.5: distributed with ibex) archive for ibex 2.3 Ibex for CHOCO G. Chabert stable yes documentation LGPL IMT Atlantique
archive Contractors for SLAM B. Desrochers, L. Jaulin ?       LGPL ENSTA Bretagne
archive Affine Arithmetic J. Ninin, J.A. dit Sandretto, A. Chapoutot unstable yes   LGPL ENSTA Bretagne / ENSTA-ParisTech
archive Parameter Estimation (enhanced Q-intersection algorithm) C. Carbonnel stable no   LGPL (TBD)
archive AMPL file loader J. Ninin       LGPL ENSTA Bretagne