Installation on Windows 7 x64


Has anyone had success in installing Ibex on Windows 7 64bit?   We are working on a couple of different platforms with Choco3, but have had difficulties in installing Ibex (2.1.10) on Windows machines.
(We're hoping to use CLP as well to avoid licensing issues with the other available LP libraries)

Config for choco3:

./waf configure --with-jni --with-java-package=solver.constraints.real

Hi Jeff,
Yes, Ibex can be installed on Windows 7 64 bits.
Can you exactly report the problem you are facing ?

Hi Jeff,
Yes, Ibex can be installed on Windows 7 64 bits.
Can you report the problem you are facing precisely ?

During ./waf install,  the script freezes.  I tried a Windows 8 machine this afternoon.  The install script freezes with Win 8 as well.  I tried ctrl-c and running the waf install again multiple times and the Win 8 machine seemed to make a little progress each time I restarted the waf install..  I did this about 20 times and it still had not finished compiling/installing.
The Win 7 is a slower machine and the script appears to freeze around the same area each time.. the Win 8 machine appeared to be making some progress but I doubt the integrity of the compilation when it involves at least 20 ctrl-c + restarts
I can post some logs if they would be useful but it seems to be some sort of problem with the waf install script- not waiting for a pre req of some process to finish or something along those lines..  I did notice that when running these waf installs that I would end up with a lot of threads running consisting of make.exe and sh.exe...   orphans spun off during the installs that don't complete..  
Setup on the 2 mahines I have tried:  
Windows 7 Pro 64bit   /  Windows 8
32 bit java 7 jdk
32 bit mingw & compiler as specified/set up  in the Ibex install doc
The waf config is set up so the resulting compilation can be used with Choco3:
./waf configure --with-jni --with-java-package=solver.constraints.real  --prefix=C:\\Users\\jeff\\Ibex\\ibex-2.1.12
./waf install
Thanks for any assistance you can provide,

Hi Jeff,
Yes, we are experiencing the same problem as you (and now, it is mentioned in the installation guide). I also have to control-break around 20 times before compilation is over. I have no explanation at all (and thanks, by the way, for your indications).... But the result works fine.
Also, because compilation on Windows is a pain, we have recently posted binaries for Windows! They are available on the Download page.
Tell me if this helps you.
Best regards,