Ibex 2.2 is now available via Homebrew (for Mac OS X users)


For Mac OS users, Ibex 2.2 is now available in the Homebrew package manager (http://brew.sh).
If you already have homebrew on your system, installation is as easy as:

brew update
brew install ibex

The default (binary) install is built with --enable-shared, with the IbexOpt, Affine Arithmetic, Ensta robotics, and Parameter estimation plugins.
If needed, the following options can be appended to the brew install command (installation will take more time in this case, since Ibex will be compiled from source):

  • --with-java  Enable Java bindings for CHOCO solver.

  • --with-ampl  Use AMPL file loader plugin

  • --without-ensta-robotics  Don't build the Ensta robotics plugin (Contractors for robotics, SLAM)

  • --without-param-estim  Don't build the Param estim plugin (improved q-intresection)

  • --HEAD  Build the latest code published in Ibex GitHub master branch